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Connecting for circular transition in Building and Construction

Circular economy is receiving increasing attention worldwide as a way to overcome the current production and consumption model based on continuous growth and increasing resource use, to meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on climate change. Construction sector has to contribute to circularity agenda, and exploit this challenge for the transformation of the sector, to become more innovative and capable of addressing regional and global challenges. Circular construction adopts the principles of circular economy along the life-cycle of buildings and other infrastructure development. As a results of European Circular Construction Alliance (ECCA) follow-up activities and recent development of cluster paradigm, Construction Cluster of Slovenia, ECCA coordinator, started ICCC (short for International Circular Construction Cluster) initiative to support ECCA internationalization strategy implementation, and more. One of the reasons for the initiative is assuring sustainability of activities and collaboration in this field, not being dependent on particular project (public) funding as it was case with ECCA. Focus and ambitions International Circular Construction Cluster focuses (ICCC) on circular construction as a global challenge but also opportunity for international collaborative innovation projects and business cooperation. ICCC`s vision is to support the transition of traditional building and construction sector to a modern, circular, highly responsive and responsible sector being able to support global challenges such as climate change, urbanization, resource efficiency, and restoration of built environment - in any part of the world. On the other hand, exploit this transition as a driver for a sustainable development and growth of sector, rise value added, competitiveness and internationalization of its members. ICCC is conceived as international cluster which means fully open to members in any country of the world supporting the ICCC mission of making construction more circular. In addition, being committed to support its implementation by active involvement. Interested in this initiative? We would like to hear about your thoughts on this initiative, how your organization addresses this transition and how ICCC might help you in your ambitions. Please send your feedback simply by email to or as we – at this stage - don’t want to waste your valuable time with long questionnaires or surveys. If you are interested to hear more or get involved, we can send you the first concept note on ICCC set-up. Looking forward to your respond Vladimir Gumilar, Construction Cluster of Slovenia, cluster manager

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